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Youth team

Our youth team is one of the most important programs that we offer. Competition climbing has exploded in popularity throughout the past five years, especially after it officially became an olympic sport in 2019! We are extremely proud of the way that we introduce young athletes to this sport, and teach them how to be standout people while becoming outstanding athletes.  

Our team meets to train together three days per week under the guidance of our competitive Coach, Brandon Sweat.

Being part of a youth climbing team is a life changing experience. This is a unique, and life-long sport, activity, and lifestyle that goes well beyond winning or losing. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to climb, and every individual brings their own set of strengths, style, and skill application to the wall. Climbing is about the balance between our mind and our body, but also has an incredible community element that sets it apart from other sports. At Contact, you will learn how to be a safe climber, work hard(er), make and chase down goals, gain more physical strength, gain and maintain confidence, and be an outstanding teammate. Each practice will run for two hours, and will involve some fun, some try hard, and some sort of targeted focus. 

Investment: $240/month

Ages 9-17

Please reach out to

with questions about our Youth Team

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