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Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm

This class focuses on strength training to help improve your power, endurance and stamina

CRUX FIT - 90 min - 8 sessions for $199

Flexible Scheduling! Mondays from 6:00 - 7:30pm

Motivated group climbing training focused on developing more power and improving fitness

Personal Training &

muscle activation technique (MAT®️)

Adam Macke

Personal Training and MAT (Muscle Activation Technique)


Advanced sign-up required. Reach out and we'll get you scheduled. 

Identifying and correcting muscular imbalances so that you can do the activities you desire pain free


Evaluate muscles for efficient contraction

Treat inactive muscles to reduce pain and tightness

Improve range of motion and flexibility

Advanced sign-up required. Reach out and we'll get you scheduled. 

Adam can be reached at or 423.298.7646



Adam has been a personal trainer/climbing coach for over 20 years. His education and  certifications combined with climbing history allows Adam to provide exceptional training for his clientele. Adam is an extraordinary rock climber having sent 100’s of 5.13’s and dozens of double digit boulders.


As an AMGA Instructor, he provides his clientele of all levels with the opportunity to expand their fitness and climbing performance. He performs Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) for muscle balancing, strength training, and climbing with his clients. His understanding of biomechanics of climbing movement create a unique experience for clients. Adam enjoys bouldering and traditional climbing but is most passionate about hard onsite sport climbing. 

Adam can be reached at or 423.298.7646



Danielle, is a Certified Personal Trainer, mother of three, successful entrepreneur, and avid rock climber. She thrives at the intersection of strength, authenticity and humor. She was born in Arizona, raised in Southern Utah, and feels most comfortable at the crag.

She believes that physical fitness is not just about looking good, but about feeling good and having the energy and stamina to pursue your dreams. With a passion for helping others reach their potential she believes that with the right mindset and dedication anything is possible.

Danielle can be reached at 435-215-8088 or



Meet Courtney, climbing coach and the proud owner of Southern Utah Therapeutic Massage. Originally from Rochester, NY, Courtney has called St. George home for the past nine years. It was here that she discovered her passion for climbing, which has kept her rooted in the area ever since. 


For Courtney, climbing isn't just a sport; it's a source of strength, confidence, and groundedness. She loves sharing these transformative experiences with others, guiding them towards their own moments of empowerment on the rock. 


With a comprehensive understanding of the human body, Courtney brings a unique perspective to her coaching. With a degree in exercise science, as well as certifications in yoga teaching and massage therapy education, she combines her knowledge to help climbers achieve their goals and overall well-being. 


Ready to reach new heights with Courtney? Contact her today! 
585-507-5167 or



Michele embodies the spirit of climbing – a love for pushing limits and a passion for helping others reach theirs. Raised in Northern California, she's thrived in the adventurous terrain of Southern Utah, where she's become a dedicated climber. 


Michele's love of athletics began early, competing in multiple sports throughout high school. After excelling in tennis during college, she continued to seek challenges by taking up running. Her dedication is evident in her accomplishment of conquering the St. George Marathon in 2023. She's training for the St. George Half Ironman 70.3, showcasing her relentless drive for self-improvement. 


Michele’s inspiring enthusiasm creates a supportive environment in her classes and on the climbing wall, helping you build confidence and crush your climbing dreams. 
Ready to take your climbing to the next level?


Reach out to Michele at 530-575-5751 or to start your journey.

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