Jenny Compas E-RYT 500 is one of Contact’s owners and is the manager of Yoga Via. Jenny began practicing yoga in 2006 and climbing in 2008. The combination of the two completely changed the trajectory of her life. 


As a yoga teacher, Jenny’s background is in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Her classes are creative and challenging. She loves seeing postures as possibilities and regards yoga as an avenue of play, learning and personal growth. Grateful to the many mentors and teachers along the way, she is delighted to pay it forward through her yoga classes and teacher training.



Camille Zolman E-RYT 500 has been a student of yoga since 2013 and has traveled to Indonesia the past several years to study Mysore Ashtanga as well as Vinyasa and Yin.


Camille loves yoga for its ability to stretch our souls creatively. She is grateful for the strength, flexibility and discipline yoga has given her and its ability to cleanse our minds, bodies and souls. Camille appreciates the life long friends she has made in the yoga studio and is excited to practice with you and feels blessed to teach you!


Ryan Bean E-RYT 500 received his training in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh India. 


Ryan teaches many styles of yoga including Budokon, power yoga, meditation, sound journey healings and pranayama. He brings a unique blend of these elements, incorporating the traditional and spiritual practices of yoga learned in the Ashrams of India with the playful mobility based calisthenics and animal locomotions learned in the west.


Ryan’s classes will be designed to help you grow, build strength and have fun while working toward alignment.


Emily S.

Emily Stinespring RYT 200 completed her training at the Zion Academy of Certified Instruction. Within her teachings, she also includes knowledge from her education as a certified Intuitive Eating Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Psychology.


Similar to many yogis, Emily Stinespring found herself on a yoga mat in search of healing and inner peace. Over the years, through yoga, Emily overcame difficulties with body image and eating disorders by connecting on a deeper level to her mind and body. With her loving and compassionate nature to all beings on this earth, Emily’s yin yoga classes are a safe and inclusive space for all levels and body types.

MC seated smile.jpeg


Melissa Christensen  E-RYT 500, YACEP has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade and has over 8,000 hours of teaching and training experience.

She currently lives in Saint George, Utah, but prior to her move she developed and was the lead teacher trainer for Spectra School of Yoga’s 200 & 300 hour teacher training program in Orange County, CA. 

She has studied with all of the founders of Yin Yoga; Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley, his senior assistant Joe Barnett, and Sarah Powers. Check out my website for more info



Darcy Sandvik YRT 200 was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and from there became a student of yoga in London, England where she was living while attending school. 


In 2020 Darcy deepened her study of yoga while healing from a traumatic event. Her mat was a safe space to be and quickly became a necessity of her journey. She now invites others to connect with themselves mind, body, spirit through guided meditation, pranayama, asana (vinyasa and yin), and stillness. Her vinyasa flows center around mobility and linking breath to movement: while yin is a chance to be still and present with the body. Her philosophy is to meet yourself where you are


Emily B.

Emily Brough E-YRT 500 had dedicated her life to movement after 6 months of being paralyzed, 6 more months of learning how to walk again, 5 metal plates & 68 pins. To her movement is a gift.The ability to wiggle your toes & walk to the mailbox are a gift.

She  started yoga when she was 14 years old. Emily loved finally being able to control her breath. The doctors said if it weren't for her spine's ability to be flexible she  would have been paralyzed for life. With a 10% chance of walking again she feels like she has been given a second chance.  Now 7 years later she has made almost a full recovery with her yoga practice, a healthy anti-inflammatory diet & rock climbing. I want to share this with others.



Kelbie Sorensen 200 RYT started practicing yoga in 2018. After some traumatic events yoga has helped her feel safe in her own body and has increased her love and connection for herself.


Kelbie’s background is in vinyasa and power yoga.  Expect her classes to be powerful and energetic focusing on the breath and alignment.


Kelbie’s connection to others is incredibly important to her. She is excited to meet you and guide you through changing your life through the sacred practice of yoga.


Dani Andrew RYT 200, RPYT first certified in Prana Vinyasa Flow in 2019 and has since been certified in Advanced Hands On and Prenatal Yoga. 

Everyone finds yoga in their own way, and Dani found it when she was going through some trials in her personal life. She quickly learned that yoga made her happy even though she couldn’t say why. She decided to study it in depth and learn why it made her feel better emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. 

Dani’s goal as a yoga teacher is simple- make people feel good. She believes that yoga has the power to heal people, just as it heals her, and hopes that everyone leaves her classes feeling just a little better than when they came in.