First time in a climbing gym? No problem!

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing performed without harnesses or ropes. To boulder, you simply need a pair of climbing shoes! 

Bouldering is dynamic, explosive movement packed into 14-16 foot routes. Our facility has 14 inch pads under the bouldering walls as well as strategically placed down climb jugs to help climb down after sending your projects! 

New to bouldering and interested in a class? We offer an Intro to Bouldering Class every Wednesday! Visit us here to sign up!  

What is Sport climbing?

Sport Climbing is the type of climbing you likely think of when you think of rock climbing. 

We also offer an Intro to Sport Climbing Class every Tuesday! It will include how to tie a dressed figure 8 knot, belay with an assisted breaking belay device and lowering as well as an introduction to basic climbing techniques, route reading and efficient partner communication.

Visit us here to sign up!



Do i have to make an appointment?

Are rentals included in the cost of the day pass?

How old do i have to be to climb?

How old do i have to be to belay

What do i have to do to belay?

Can i share my punch pass?

Do i have to wear climbing shoes?

What kind of belay devices are allowed?

Do you have auto belays?

Can i sign the liability waiver ahead of time?

What do i have to do to lead climb?