Our commitments to you

We commit to sustainability and acting in an environmentally responsible way

We commit to indoor and outdoor climbing education of our members and staff

We commit to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment 

We commit to growth by providing a space where our community can reach their goals

We commit to ensuring fun is the core of the Contact experience

Our team

Jeff Compas


Jeff has been climbing for 11 years but like most in our sport, he has climbed on everything from the time he was able to pull himself up and mantel over the edge of his crib. Jeff loves to share his passion for climbing with others. Over the years, Jeff and Jenny have taken hundreds of youth and adults on climbing trips and opening a climbing gym in St. George has been a long time goal of theirs. 

CHRIS Horton


Chris' dream of owning a climbing gym started when he first pulled on plastic over 20 years ago. Chris has been climbing for 25+ years including guiding, route development, coaching and training. Since leaving Southern Utah, his goal has been to return to his favorite part of the world permanently. Chris is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, contributing to a fun, inclusive climbing community and environmental stewardship.

Jacquelyn Horton


When Jacquelyn isn't climbing you'll find her 

camping, baking gluten free cookies, SUPing,

or backpacking (usually with a chihuahua in her backpack and Nixon at her side.)

She LOVES the crags in Southern Utah and is passionate about being a positive steward to the environment and local community.

Jacquelyn aspires to bring St. George the facility of it's dreams and is grateful for the opportunities St. George has already provided Contact! 

Jenny compas


Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga are Jenny's specialties. She has been practicing since 2006 and was certified to teach from the amazing Maggie Smith Odette in 2013. She began climbing in 2008 and has taught countless numbers of youth and adults both yoga and climbing. Jenny is excited to run the Yoga Studio at Contact and connect with the community in a state of the art climbing facility.  

Iuri Melo


 Iuri has been a therapist and a climber for over 16 years. It didn't take long for him to see the connection between climbing and therapy. As a result he has taught thousands the sport, by utilizing climbing as a vehicle to build confidence, grit, and how to live fully and joyfully. Iuri is fond of saying "there is magic in those rocks" as he helps others push through their fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs. He is beyond excited to be a part of Contact, and the positive influence that it will create throughout the community.


Nixon has been cragging responsibly since he was just a pup. He's an encouraging partner but also knows when to "go lay down". He's an ambassador to the sport and helps climbers pass the time between burns on their project. When he isn't taking people climbing, he enjoys herding cattle, trail running and sharing people's lunch. 

His dislikes include people swinging on ropes and general horseplay (we didn't make this up, he was born to work at a climbing gym.) 

ally cruz


Ally began climbing and route setting in college at the University of Washington. Following her undergraduate studies and stint with a conservation corp, she decided to commit to her passion and take on climbing as a full time gig. She is stoked to bring her years of commercial setting experience and unique style to Contact. Ally looks forward to pushing the community to new heights with technical, thoughtful, and flashy movement.