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Contact Climbing Gym Opening in St. George, Utah in 2019!

Hi everyone! My name is Jacquelyn Horton and my husband, Chris and I as well as friends of ours, Jeff and Jenny Compas, are opening the newest climbing gym in St. George!

We'll be keeping you transparently looped in on our progress, our struggles, our successes and everything in between! We're going to build the gym of our dreams AND hopefully yours as well! We're in the beginning process of this crazy endeavor but we've begun looking at different areas in St. George and are hoping to decide on a property shortly! Is there an area that you think would be perfect for you and your friend's and family's needs and wants?! We'd love to hear your opinion!

Climbing, Yoga and Fitness! We're so excited to provide St. George with a facility that can fit all of our needs!

We'll be blogging regularly between now and Contact Climbing's opening day!! Thank you for being here and for being a part of this incredible journey! We can't wait to share our dream facility with you!


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