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We'd love to get some input from you! Help us ensure that we're providing everything that YOU want to see in the gym! We're right in the middle of the planning process and we want to make sure we aren't missing anything that's important to you.

This facility belongs to you as much as it belongs to us and we want it to be PERFECT for the needs of you and your friends and family.

Simply click the link below and fill out this quick survey. We'll be answering all questions and addressing all concerns in a couple days so make sure you get your opinion in!

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Emmanuel Gatica
Emmanuel Gatica

Hey you guys! Super stoked about having a climbing gym in my hometown! I have some ideas if you guys be willing to hear them. I think it'd be cool to host route setting classes. Where members pay in order to teach them how to set routes. That's something the quarry recently started except they don't charge and only do it twice a year. I however think there is a lot of potential here. Also if you guys are going to teach lead climbing you should either do it for free or cheap. Something that I don't understand is why some gyms charge a ton to teach lead climbing. Personally, I think that the easier you make it for people…

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